Effective January 1, 2011, computers, monitors, and TVs are banned from disposal in West Virginia Landfills.

Brooke County residents are able to recycle computers, monitors, and TVs at the Brooke County Recycling Center in Beech Bottom, WV, (at the old Windsor Coal Property) M-F from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
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Mandatory Disposal

Brooke County residents and business must get rid of their trash and other waste by either hiring a waste collection service of taking it o an approved disposal site such as the landfill.

Brooke County Residents as required by state law (WV Code §22C-4-1- ), a Mandatory Solid Waste Disposal Program has been approved by the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority.  Effective immediately, residents of Brooke County are required to properly dispose of their solid waste at an approved Solid Waste Facility. The following regulations have been adopted:
  1. Each person occupying a residence, business establishment, and/or owning rental property in Brooke County must be able to provide proof to the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority that their solid waste is disposed of in an approved manner.
  2. Proof of proper solid waste disposal includes: a) records paid to a solid waste collection service or b) receipts demonstrating proper disposal at an approved solid waste facility.
  3. Each solid waste collection service must maintain records of residents who an account is billed.
  4. Each solid waste facility operator must maintain records of individual using their landfill services.
  5. Any person in Brooke County that violates these regulations shall be subjected to a civil penalty of $150.00.  This is essentially an “administrative civil penalty” because it is not necessary to go to court to collect the penalty.  It may simply be assessed to any person not receiving collection services or providing proper proof that said person properly disposes of solid waste at approved solid waste facilities or in any other lawful manner.
  6. Each solid waste collection service will be responsible for soliciting new customers and collecting fees for solid waste disposal.
  7. Any resident refusing collection services will be reported to the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority.  Names will be forwarded to the DEP for enforcement of the $150.00 civil penalty.
  8. Money collected by the DEP for the civil penalty (WV Code 22-4-23(3)) will be forwarded to the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority. 


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